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Chaldean Numerology is thousands of years old, and has long been regarded as the most accurate Alpha-Numerology system in the world - and it has finally been simplified.

 Based on the frequencies of Phonetics (sounds/vibrations) and Hieroglyphs (symbols/letters), the magick and mystery of our language is deciphered in a completely unique way by combining the esoteric with the scientific.

This is the original method of Name Analysis and it offers personal insight to all who use it - since it's rediscovery, it has gained a solid reputation as being unerringly accurate - even by numerologists who use different systems. 

Assign this template to your name and birthdate and you will have a true 'blueprint' of your incomparable vibrations, and a 'guidebook' to the 'whys' and 'wherefores' of your life.

Check out the meanings of the LETTERS below, and for the meanings of NUMBERS, go here. Follow the Pages of the menu to your right for how to READ YOUR NAME and much more.

There are secrets in all areas of life...Chaldean Numerology is the key to unlocking the mysteries of what your 'vibes' really are and what they mean TO you and FOR you.

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 The ancient (Babylonian/Mesopotamian) Chaldeans knew that everything is formed from energy - and they found a way to measure the energies in 'things' and in sounds. They also linked symbols of sounds (Phonetics) with the 'hieroglyphic' symbols which became the seeds for the alpha structure (alphabet) we know and use today.

The most beneficial use of this system involves using it as a template to discover the energies held in the 'sound vibrations' of names. And because we all have different elements in our stats, like when we were born and what our other names are, we also are made up of magickal number sequences, patterns, and vibrations and no one name or Lifepath will be duplicated.

There is simply no one like you - we are like snowflakes - no two are alike.

The Chaldean System shows our 'blueprints' - our potentials, talents, challenges, characteristics, lessons...and so much more. How deep you go depends on you and how much you want to know about your 'self' and what your lessons are and what your life's work here involves (your Lifepath).

 It has taken me over 25 years of direct client readings and further study to feel qualified to create this site and to write the book, so I have made it as easy as possible for you to analyze your own main energies and to understand how 'reading' of names is done.

The meanings of the letters are on this page, down a bit...and if you want to calculate your name(s) first, just follow the links below (specifically the first one, as it will set you up with your numbers and then all you have to do is read the meanings and put them together).

Paint your own 'self portrait' by using the one thing we (and everything in this Universe), have in common: ENERGY.




Cuneiform was one of the first alphabetical systems...used in the second image to form the letters of the English alpha structure



'We are what we think, all that we are arises within our thoughts.
With our thoughts (WORDS) we make the world." - Buddha

Words are energy, whether spoken or thought...both create your circumstances and reality...so think positive!

The Alpha and Numeric groups fit together but are still two entirely different kettles of fish: the vibrations and tones of numbers rule certain sounds which were recorded via symbols scratched onto cave walls (similar to hieroglyphics) and the independent meanings of each symbol meshed to allow the first primitive study of 'communication' in written form.

When this ancient template of Alpha-Numerology is assigned to your name, your 'ruling' energies, talents, challenges, cycles, and most emphatic messages regarding why you are here are highlighted, as are negative elements that you may need to balance.


The first letter of any name or word is called the 'CORNERSTONE', and like any foundational aspect, it tends to have considerable influence over any word or name it heads up. Hence, the name 'Tom' will be strongly influenced by the 'T' - just as the name 'Sharon' will be strongly influenced by the 'S' - at all times. Something to keep in mind.


If one or more of your names totals to an 11, 22, 33, or higher, do not combine these (as the rule of numerology is to add, add, and add until you have only one digit left) for these are MASTER numbers and hold special meanings covered later.

Just treat these as though they are single digit numbers (ie: leave an 11 as is and add it to your other individual final name numbers - so ANN [11] SMITH [17/8] = 19/10/1...the final double number  [10] is the Main Sub number and the 1 is the Whole Name, or Daily Name in this example...the Daily Name is explained on the first link above).


Don't worry if you do not have a middle name - it just means that you are less complex for the most part than you could be - just use your first and last name for calculation purposes and consider your first name as your Social and Inner Soul name - and both names as your Daily and Total Name numbers.

Note: In some cases, it is actually beneficial to 'add' a middle name, as that is often the place inner goals can be supported through your Inner Soul energy...each case is obviously different...this is where a personalized Report can come in very handy...because sometimes it is also beneficial to remove a middle name.


Generally speaking, more than one name in any position can present dual-energies, which can create contrary and sometimes conflicting vibrations. Two first names, for example, can represent two distinct sides to the social persona, while two middle names can represent confusion on an inner, more personal level, and two last names can point to two differing ideals regarding family and relationships.

Should this be the case for you, once you have identified the separate energies, you may find an explanation for dichotomies or contrasts in the category they fall into - you may want to consider dropping one of your names to even out your overall energies, or to connect more directly to your Lifepath or to change your total name energy for the better.



NUMBER 1 = A, I, Q, Y, J

This first group is valued by the number 1 - which is the first in everything. There is always a beginning to anything and that is the vast expanse this number refers to. It is the pioneer; the leader; the match that lights humanity and as such, its power is limitless.

Yet it is also curiously detached (basics 101 - this number is 'alone' - others have not yet metaphorically joined it yet) - it is the SURVIVOR of the number scale and does not need others around to assure a number 1 of this fact - it is natural to them. For this reason, they are not necessarily good mating or relationship material (this only refers to those who have key 1 energies all over their name charts), but they are endlessly curious about all aspects of life. 


Keywords: Force, Energy, Power, Original, Curious, Determined, Deliberate, Controlled, Logical, Driven, Instinctive, Leader, Creative,  Ambitious, Egotistical, Adventurous, Risk-Taker, Physically and mentally active. This is the SURVIVOR of the alpha structure.

Number 1 Potential Negatives include needing to learn to communicate effectively, develop compassion for others, delegate, finish what is started, focus on one thing at a time, restrain and control anger and/or judgemental attitudes...the main lesson is around getting in touch with  emotions and learning to be vulnerable within important (especially, intimate) relationships.

Learning genuine intimacy and sharing is a large part of the lessons for the number 1 - the more 1 energies, the stronger the 'wall' 1 can build and the more difficult it will be to 'tear down'.

A -- Meaning: power, force, pure beginnings - in ancient symbolism, the A is the Ox who plows the field in preparation for seeding, therefore the A relates to new beginnings, fertility, strength, growth and survival.

Translated into a person, the A is ambitious, focused, driven, unique, often alone...but very determined. This is a compelling energy that will not usually take no for an answer. The A needs to learn how to interact with others successfully -- it is, after all, the first letter and knows no others. 

The force of the A/1 is a double one as both the A and the number 1 both the starter energies for two different scales: alpha and numeric. 

A few words which illustrate the A energy are Attain, Action, Achieve, Aggressive and Authority.

J --  Meaning: The ego is of import here - there is a strong sense of self along with a leaning into the past, which is indicated by the hook to the left.

As a person, the J is efficient, organized, critical, (can appear) unemotional, tends to remember past offenses and is often seen as distant and aloof....which is really just a protective shield: the J is actually quite vulnerable, but they cover this up...to the J, logic and facts hold the most import: emotions do not, so they are rarely displayed.

Some words that contain this energy are Judge, Jury, Jail and Justice: the J tends to looks to the past for the answers...or the events of the past can drive many areas of the current life. This can be very problematic for obvious reasons.

Q -- Meaning: The Q points to the back of the head - the little de-tail tickles the cerebellum. The Q person is relatively rare and is highly intelligent, eccentric and very talented in a creative/dramatic way.

A few words which describe the Q energy are Quick, Quirky and Quixotic.

Y -- Meaning: The Y is a fork in the road and shows the need for a different direction: either by choice or by force. It suggests taking the easy route or taking a risk...its energy sometimes changes the life based on the road taken.

Also connected to the dowsing rod, the Y person often has a built in knowledge, or strong intuitive sense that will guide them when making decisions in life and is just as determined as any other energy, however, this can also manifest as someone who is confused, indecisive, unstable and who sees changing circumstances regularly...which can add to the confusion.

The dualistic directions are evident in the words YesterdaY (vs. todaY), Yes (no) and Yo (Yo - it has to swing back!)

I -- Meaning: I is the connecting line between the Power or Source and man: it is the sixth sense or intuition (even the word intuition has 3 x I energies and one is the Cornerstone).

The I person will be very aware of their intuition and will, ideally, listen to this sixth sense on a daily basis. The I is also the ego, the id and the sense of self, therefore an I that is stuck in the self can be arrogant, self-centered, prideful and greedy.

Intellect, Intuition, Insight, Imagination and Instinct are some words that Illustrate the Inner aspect of this letter energy.

NUMBER 2 = B,  K,  R

This next group is ruled by the number 2, which is pairs, couples and duality: it is two people, two places or two things that ideally vibrate well together and bring balance into the picture. The 2 is feminine, nurturing, loving, concerned and domestic...this is the warm care received from a loving mate and the potential conflict that naturally accompanies any unit of 2. 


KEYWORDS: Duality, Couples, Pairs, Conflict, Compromise, Balance, Relationships of all kinds, Commitment. This is the energy of ANY UNITS OF 2,  be that between people, places, or things - and the struggle to merge and blend while also maintaining individuality - the 2 seeks companionship and happiness...so if there is conflict in any area of the life, this will create significant negative emotions and tip harmony out of balance. This is the MEDIATOR of the alpha structure.

Number 2 potential negatives include that the 2 may have to learn to pull away from too many connections (of all kinds - for example, too many 'classes' in College may confuse ultimate directions taken afterward). This is also true in family connections: this vibration can become too involved with the lives of family members and can lose all sense of their own identity, which is obviously a negative.

B -- Meaning: The B is contained, but bursting with ideas, plans and substance - this person can be charming, kind, compassionate and domestic but is also dependent on the actions of its mate or counterpart: if that aspect is thrown out of whack, or off balance, the B can become quite belligerent and bellow like a wounded bull. The B needs a mate: the two loops of the letter itself indicate the Balance it represents: ideally between two people.

This is also evident in the words Balance, Breasts, Boots and Bigamy.

R -- Meaning: the R is known as the 'testing' letter and brings all manner of trials and tribulations to its holder, often within close relationships. It is also a karmic energy - so once the 'debts' are paid, the R is also the energy of second chances, or 'Rebirth'.

The R person is a strong thinker who will recognize patterns and negative events as lessons to absorb and learn from: this energy is sometimes held back by situations or circumstance, but it is progressive: the R usually keeps going until it finds Relief, Respite and Release. At which time, it is often Reborn, Resuscitated and Reincarnated or Resurrected.

The R will often experience difficulties in personal and intimate Relationships, however, it will also often find its soulmate later in life after the intimacy roadblocks (usually placed there in youth) have been Recognized and Removed.

Some R words include Reach, Realize, Revive and all of the ones mentioned above.

K -- Meaning: The K is open in thought and is highly attracted to new concepts or ways of doing or approaching things and is also willing to try new ways of living - it not only welcomes the new, it is also willing to live the new.

As a person, the K is wonderfully receptive and can be involved in very unusual relationships, jobs or artistic pursuits. This energy is sometimes wild and unpredictable: it is, after all, the kaleidoscope of energies and the seeker of knowledge...this is shown by ancient text as the upper reach of the letter itself being viewed as a hand, palm up, reaching out to the Source in search of divine wisdom. The K person is open, friendly, engaging and adventurous and usually has many friends and connections.

Some K words include Kinetic, Knowledge, Kite and Knit...all hold different kinds of directions and elements.

NUMBER 3 = G, C, L, S

Next we have the energy of 3 - this group is active in either the mind or the body or even both. It is communicative, creative, energetic and can refer to rebirth and perhaps even a touch of magick (third time's the charm!) This number energy is all about activity: of the brain and of the body and of the spirit. This busy number is sometimes thought to be the number of creation and is thus spiritually powerful by nature: this is the number of birth and fertility - of new life and growth...this vibe does need to learn to slow down and rest which ties in with the lesson of this number: to join body, mind and spirit into one cohesive unit. Many units of completion involve 3 elements, such as 'body, mind, spirit', 'past, present, future', 'mother, father, child', and many more.


KEYWORDS: Action, Motion, Energy, Analytical, Exercise, Health, Creative, Entertaining, Talented, Magickal, Fertility, Birth, Expression, Charming, Life of the Party, Growth,  and Fractal Core to all Life (ie: 2 cells unite to create a third, unique entity, or, a baby). This is the ENTERTAINER/CREATOR of the alpha structure.

Number 3 potential negatives include over-activity, which can stress the soul. The essence of this vibration is one of constant seeking, usually outside of the 'self'. Three needs to learn to become comfortable doing nothing - and just in 'being' with the self. Too much running can indicate the avoidance of 'self'. If high levels of activity are sustained, this can lead to health issues. This number may need to ask itself what it is that keeps them...'running'.

G -- Meaning: An ancient connection here is to the camel: it refers to the not-immediately-apparent in much the same manner that a camel, being ornery and stubborn, is not immediately viewed as a great method of transportation. The G is an inward turning letter, which means that much is hidden or secret about the holder. Inner thoughts, secret lifestyles and even interior body functions can be indicated by the G (Gastrointestinal, Giggle, Gut), so the G person can be secretive, protective and withholding: presenting a gregarious, highly social and fun-loving energy to others while holding their true self under guard. These are gentle and sensitive souls who can open like a flower once trust is gained.

Some words which point to the inner or hidden essence of the G are Gag, Galvanize, Garage and Gift.

C -- Meaning: The C is the open mouth - also linked to the camel, this letter energy refers to what happens when one opens its mouth - have you ever heard a camel say it has no intention of moving? It will do so in no uncertain (and loud!) terms. While not necessarily loud, the C person is all about communication, whether it be creative, dramatic, instructive or educational.

The C person will be a talented talker, but it can sometimes say too much and inadvertently offend another, without even realizing it - it's intensions are to offer honesty so there is generally no malice behind such occasions. The C is energetic, determined, dedicated and usually in control -- it appreciates the arts, beautiful things and people and does take pride in its appearance and conducts itself with grace and dignity.

Some words that hold the C energy are Call, Contact, Choir, Communication and Conversation.

L -- Meaning: Ancient text connects the L to an animal prod - something to get the beast moving. This letter is moving forward - often to assist without expectation of reward. It is the desire to help or to make easier for others and can often lead the L person into situations where they are either being taken advantage of or giving too much to the wrong person, as in unhealthy love relationships. In any event, it represents moving forward (the bottom leg extends into the future) for whatever reason.

Some words containing the L energy are Love, Lust, Liberation and Life. All require being willing to move forward or to engage in activity that assists or pleases another in some way.

S-- Meaning: The S is one scintillating energy! Hardly surprising, then, to find that this letter rules the SenSeS. It is open to the future and also to the past: it remembers lessons learned, but its open nature often winds up having to go through them again - for example, someone with a strong S presence who is married may find affairs hard to resist and this is directly connected to its link to those same 'senses' and the titillation affairs or underhanded activities of any kind can provide. 

It is, appropriately enough, connected in ancient speak to the snake, (Kundalini) or the spine...and it moves in whichever direction is required in order to get where it is going. The S person can be very attractive, both to people in general and also to the opposite sex. It is multi-talented: creative, adaptable, charming and determined to reach its goals...it can be Sneaky, Slick and Sly - or Sensual, Soft and Seductive. Or all of these at once. Since the S seeks satisfaction, this is a vibration that can easily slip into the negative...as in sensory addictions.

The S is the sexiest letter energy in the alphabet due to its core connection to the senses, however, this can also involve serious ramifications...just think of the Snake...and Satan. Temptations are the major challenge for the S, as is connecting to the Spiritual side of life.

NUMBER 4 = D, M, T

The next group of letters are valued by the number 4, which is the 4 seasons, the 4 directions, the 4 winds, and the 4 elements: it is the grounding and foundational energy of the 4 corners of a house and is tied to responsibility, reason, logic, and stability.

It is also known to reflect stubborness that can obviously cause a few rifts...even within the family. This is the 'safest' number in the scale and is generally not overly...wild or outrageous. That is not the 4...but they can fall into a 'rut' of boredom, so an occasional shaking-up of this energy is adviseable because the 4 can become too bored, even with itself.


KEYWORDS: Foundations, Family, Stability, Health, Loyalty, Grounding, Routine, Solidity, Cycles, Tenacity, Methodical, Workaholic, Reliable, Traditional. This is the SOLID BASE of the alpha structure.

Some potential negatives for this energy include being too grounded - in other words, the 4 needs to remember to play - all work and no fun is...dependable, but uninspiring and staid. This number tends to lean on the logical and proven and unemotional...but in a marriage situation, this can be the kiss of death. 

Number 4 needs to guard against appearing unemotional and uninvolved within core relationships - romance must be remembered. While this is the most straight-laced essence in the number scale, it needs to balance this with fun and open displays of vulnerability to loved ones. Love lies at the base of this vibe - it is why it will work so hard at providing security to family and loved ones, but the 4 tends to 'build walls' - usually 4 of them, but they must be careful not to become trapped within those very walls.

D -- Meaning: The D is a door: it will either be opened or it will remain closed. Knowledge versus ignorance is the message of the D - open up to other ways of thinking and relating, or remain shut in and unenlightened.

Due to the foundational aspect of the letter, a D person will also be responsible, determined, deep, dependable, methodical and yes, stubborn. Sometimes the greatest gift a D can give themselves is the chance to lighten up, have some fun and consider that there is more to the Universe than meets the eye.

The D person is generally easy-going and fair...just don't make them mad: this letter energy can slam their door shut in your face and they will not open it again...for a while, at least. 

Some examples of the open or closed, or two-sided D energy is found in the words Door, DeaD (interestingly, this word is enclosed by 'doors' - being birth and death), Double, Disclose and Discover.

M -- Meaning: The M is the only letter in the alphabet that is pronounced with the lips together and the mouth closed: it refers to silence and muteness.

An M person can find it hard to express deep emotions (and could be compared to the Mountain, which appears solid and grounded but which can also be the home of an active, if unseen, volcano).

The M is logical, quiet, reliable, effective, efficient and in control - until it erupts. The M person will appear very controlled and prefers order and routine in their life. An open (positive energy) M will display the exact opposite attributes: the mouth will serve in some capacity (usually in the career, through singing, writing, teaching or even motivational speaking) and few will realize how private the M in question actually is.

Some M words that hint at a sub-surface or deep and unseen worlds are Mystery, Marine, Marsh, Mother (the development in the womb), and Mine (as in gold or coal). 

T -- Meaning: The T is a also the mathematical plus sign (+) and adds more to any energy that comes before it: this can make a bad thing worse or a good thing better, depending upon its placement within a word.

If it is the Cornerstone, meaning there is no focal point prior to the T, this can present a bit of a problem, as this person will be vulnerable to feeling confused about their direction in life as the T is always hungry for more: more information, more activity, more experiences...and its interests can be spread out over too many projects or people to afford individual attention to any.

In other words, the T can leave unfinished business in a variety of areas - there are just too many attractive avenues to explore and the T is curious about them all: it will have many interests, likely quite a large social arena and often can experience more than one Marriage in their lives...they will need to choose points of interests and stick to them in order to find solid ground and routine.

A few words that point out the 'adding to' aspect of the T include Tax, Time, Total and Tide.

NUMBER 5 = N, H, E, X

Next is the group of letters that are under the dominion of the number 5 - one of the most balanced numbers in the scale and also one with the most meanings. This number refers to the 5 senses of man, change, communication, independence and freedom. This is one of the most changeable energies in the scale: it thrives on freedom in all areas of life. It can also show a potential for fame, depending on the total number of 5s and their strength positions within a name.


KEYWORDS: Individuality, Freedom, Changes, High level of Activity, Seeker, Autonomous, Non-Committal, Ruled by the Senses, Adventurous, Addicted to the Senses, Independent, Balanced even in Chaos, Loner, Lover, Risk-taker, Authoritarian, Investigative, Attractive, Hypnotic, Charmer, Quick Thinker, Powerful, and Creative/Talented. This is the NON-CONFORMIST of the alpha structure.

Potential negatives for the 5 include lack of purpose, addictions to stimulants to the senses whether in lovers or substances or both, inability to commit, and needing freedom so much they wind up alone.

The 5 can hurt others with its lack of consideration and will often find the very pain they inflicted on others will rebound onto them, so they may experience that which they dismissed before.

This number is all about freedom and has a strong aversion to committing: but at the end of the day, may well find that human interaction, caring, love and touch is what they will be without if they do not heed their own messages and reconsider their (sometimes innocent) uncaring actions against others. They do not deliberately set out to hurt anyone - but Karma can bite back in this life.

Once they click that this vehicle (body) is just that, and that we have 6 controls (intuition), not 5, they will find the spiritual answers they constantly seek - which is the motivation behind their endless 'seeking'.

N -- Meaning: The original symbol for the N was a fish - and that is what this letter means: the food eaten for nourishment and the food taken in for spiritual balance and growth. (The fish was one of the earliest signs of Christianity...indicating 'spiritual sustenance').

The N is one of the most balanced letters in that it can be turned on its head and retain its shape. For the most part, the N person remains calm and collected even in the most chaotic times...and is fair, easy-going and friendly. This letter energy flows through life: it does not over-react or throw histrionics - it seems to adapt to whatever comes its way with grace and adaptability.

Some words that contain the N energy are Normal, Natural and Neutral.

E -- Meaning: The E is the most outgoing, energetic and enthusiastic letter energy in the alphabet - it is sheer energy. Remember Einstein? E=mc2? E is ENERGY!

E reaches forward with its brain, heart and feet (the three 'limbs' pointing forward) and does not hesitate to engage the unknown. The E person is as open as one can be to new advances, ideas, lifestyles and artistic avenues and is known to be impulsive, daring and sometimes excessive - the 5 can change jobs, spouses, friends, homes and directions in a heartbeat and as such, usually points to a history of significant changes in their lives.

The E person will always have something going on in their lives: they also need to be wary of excess in sensory areas (such as drugs and alcohol or intimate partners). Too many E energies can result in excesses that are dangerous, like addictions, obsessions, and bungee-jumping. Or rock climbing without a safety rope...that kind of thing.

Depending on the placement of this letter, it can govern the name holder (as a Cornerstone) or indicate periods of time when the need for freedom is strong.

Some words that reflect the E energy include Earthquake, Extravagant, Evil, Endless, Extreme and Euphoria.

H -- Meaning: It doesn't take too much imagination to see the H as a ladder - one that leads up to Heaven or down to Hell - and that is its essential meaning.

An H person will have to choose, at some point in their lives, whether to go down the ladder to the base essence of the material and sensory world or to climb the ladder to the esoteric essence of the spiritual and philosophic one.

One might see the H as the bottom of a ladder that rests in the basement of existence, where addictions and excessive negatives abound and like the E, the H will have to decide if that is where they want to live.

The H persons will be sensitive freedom seekers who are highly artistic and sometimes dedicated escape artists (Houdini) as well: hence the trip down the ladder.

A balanced H energy is friendly, sympathetic, graceful, engaging, funny and usually quite shy despite appearing socially comfortable. Many Hs will eventually find their way up the rungs and will become helpful, hopeful and holistic healers.

Some H words which indicate different levels or positions on the 'ladder' are Height, High, Hang, Half (full or empty) and Happy.

X -- Meaning: The X is another multi-dimensional letter energy - it  is vulnerable to all experiences as it is open on all sides and retains its shape or essence no matter which way it is turned.

While the X might be open to these experiences, this is also a warning/beware sign, the wrong way sign, the multiplication sign, the you-are-here sign...and this letter can also be found in the XX and XY signs of our very creation. As such, it also relates to procreation, seX and the survival of the species.

The X person (rare, indeed), will entertain highly unusual ideas about life, existence and lifestyles and will be open to almost any suggestion or new adventure.

There is an unknown factor to the X - as suggested in the words (or oddities) as found in the X-files, X-rays and X signatures.

NUMBER 6 = V, U, W

The next group of letters is ruled by the number 6, a number of love, emotions and domesticity. The 6 is ruled by Venus, the planet of feminine power, romance and tenderness and indeed, V is one of the letters covered by this warm energy. Often regarded as the homemaker and the pillars of society and community, the 6 is nurturing, caring, paternal and maternal and represents the home and its security.


KEYWORDS: Human-ness, Domesticity, Love of Family, Nurturing, Community-minded, Home, Hearth, Compassion, Safety, Security, Unconditional Acceptance, Loyal, Emotional. This number is all about connections with others, and is the number of Venus and Love. A feminine and gentle essence, the 6 represents the soul connections and can be loyal to a fault - blinded to the faults of others. This is the LOVER of the alpha structure.             

Potential negatives here are living through connections to others. Number 6 needs to be very wary of losing their own sense of identity and self as they can become so deeply entrenched in the lives and emotional situations of those they love that they can become disconnected from their own lives and needs. If this vibe feels they are being used or taken advantage of, they can become passive-aggressive, needy, clingy, accusing, suspicious, depressed and worse. Care must be taken to keep up with outside interests, hobbies, and other personal activities that delineate their own specific life and Lifepath - things, in other words, that have nothing to do with family.

V - The two linked 'upright' lines of this letter show two different people, and the joining of these two 'lines' at the base form the V and indicate an ideally victorious union.

The V person has great respect for family and the preciousness of all life: they therefore make great doctors, veterinarians and health care workers in general.

The V sometimes struggles for balance (it rests on a pointed base) in its search for divine guidance and success in this material world. The V energy is kind, straight forward, honest, ambitious and loving. A rather tender meaning attached to this letter energy is that it holds all life sacred.

Some words that indicate the energy of the striving V are Vim & Vigor, Validation, Valour and Veteran. And, Victorious - the V does not give up easily.

W -- Meaning: The W and the M are closely related, yet vastly different: while they are both connected to water and the ups and downs of life, the M is closed and protective where the W is open and receptive.

The W person would make a good mate as it is positive, generous, open, sensitive and loyal: it commonly has lifelong friends and is the one letter energy that is most likely to remain married for extended periods -- through those ups and downs.

The W person is a natural mediator and works well with larger groups of people and as such, they make wonderful bosses and are easy-going people in general.

Some words that suggest the wavy energy of the W are Warm, Wacky, Weird, Weather, Wonderful, Wistful and Whimsical. Unfortunately, W energies are also often called upon to deal with physical and emotionally extreme situations, which can knock other energies to their knees. But the even-natured W takes all in its stride and still can laugh at life. 

U -- Meaning: The U rests on a rounded base which gives it an unstable foundation, especially when dealing with emotions: anything that ruffles the 'feeling' feathers of the U can cause tippage, resulting in all manner of negative or unsteady emotions.

Since the U has two avenues (the 'arms') available to it, it is able to disguise its true emotions and can appear calm, cool and collected; even regal while dealing with inner angst. The horseshoe held in this letter often translates into 'lucky breaks' for the U...and the U-turn symbol indicates the potential for complete reversals or changes in direction in the life of the U.

The U person is loving, loyal, domestic and reliable...but any disloyalty on the part of others will tip their cup.This unsteady quality is reflected in any words beginning with 'un' (which is essentially, 'no' or 'not'). 

Additional words which indicate the different 'directions' of the U include Universe, Umbilical, Unique and Upset.

NUMBER 7 =  O, Z

The letters covered in this next group are ruled by the scientific, logical and ever-seeking energy of the number 7. This mysterious number is sometimes viewed with reservation and suspicion: the reason for this is that while this energy is all about the brain and thinking - it also encompasses all aspects of existence, including the metaphysical, spiritual and occult. A rather fitting word is formed when the two letter energies the 7 covers are named: they are OZ. As in the land of.


KEYWORDS: Brain: the two sides of the brain, as in Logical, Pragmatic, Scientific, Unemotional, Reserved, Unreadable, Distant, Dignified, and on the flip side, Spiritual, Esoteric, Metaphysical, Mystical, Loving, Sensitive, Artistic, Imaginative, and completely non-logical. These two sides (of the brain) would ideally be recognized as necessary to the other: the scientific 7 needs to incorporate the spiritual, while the spiritual needs to incorporate the scientific. This is the THINKER of the alpha structure.

The potential negatives here are two-fold. The first, the Scientist, needs to lower his defenses and stop thinking logically, especially where love is involved. Affection is outside of his frame of reference, which is precisely why he needs to investigate the soft or spiritual side of his being.

On the other side, the Metaphysician needs to ground into logical and practical thought - both have their positive elements, but the ideal is to tap into the massive power of the 7 by integrating BOTH sides of the brain - this energy speaks to a battle between the two 'sides' of schools of 'thought'.

O -- Meaning: This is the most complicated and extensive letter energy in the alphabet. It is at once the ending and the beginning, the inside and the outside, the opening and the closing: it increases and it decreases and holds all and nothing.

This is a letter of opposites, yet of togetherness. Ancient text sees this energy as the Eye of Ayin, or Horus - the all-seeing eye. As such, its energy is omnipotent.

The O person will be endlessly curious, engaging, investigative, non-judgmental and open to any and all subjects, from the mundane to the occult.

Words that suggest the vast expanse of the O include Ocean, Orbit, Omnipotence and Opinion(s). 

Z -- Meaning: Stretch the legs of this letter out and it looks similar to a lightning bolt - and that is the power of the words this energy emits.

The Z person, another rare one, will be extremely intellectual and have the ability to use words to zap! and zing! and those words can be used to hurt or heal - that is the choice for the ultra-literary Z.

Like electricity, the Z person has a lot of Zest and Zeal for life, but needs to Zone out from time to time...the typical Z needs it's  zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...s.     


And finally, number 8 rules the last grouping of letters. The 8 is broken down into two circles: the upper representing the world of spirit or faith and the lower circle representing the physical or material Earth plane.

The perfectly developed 8 strikes an ideal balance between the two worlds, which they understand to be one world with two main areas - one is about success, money, power, authority, and is an energy that can become controlling and even abusive if not spiritually aware.

Combining the powerful materialistic aspects of the 8 with the spiritual, non-materialistic ones is a challenge of the highest order, which is why many 8 energies will find themselves on top of the world one moment and lying in the street without assistance of any kind the next.

Achieving perfect balance is what the Lemniscate is all about (put the 8 on its side and you will see this symbol) - it represents infinity, eternity, and can bring all manner of success and rewards to someone who has learned from their mistakes and now understands that the truth about life is all about love - for the self and then for others.

Compassion is the key challenge for any 8 and the sooner this is learned, the more successful an 8 can become - for the main reason that they finally understand that 'you can't take it with you' and that the very world itself is finite - it will not end for billions of years. But it will end.

Human beings are made of molecules - energy - and energy does dissipate; it just changes shape or form. The 8 needs to understand that there is much more to our existence than material goods, or fat bank accounts...and they have the power to create a powerful spiritual life that will only attract MORE  wealth, on both a spiritual and materialistic level. Balance is key. 


KEYWORDS: Control, Power, Authority, Materialism, Success, Superiority, Arrogance, and Balance - which is the key to understanding the considerable potentialities of this vibration. The main element of the 8 falls around understanding and insight into the plight of man.

This refers to the symbol itself: the two circles represent the 'upper' world of spirit, and the lower circle of 'materialism'. Many 8 energies live only in one element, and fail to connect to the other: material 8s live for money, things, possessions, titles, and physical displays of success, such as expensive cars, houses, etc., while the upper circle of spirit lives in a non-physical kind of way, wherein cars and houses and bank accounts hold no importance.

The 8 is the 'LEMNISCATE', which is ancient symbol of eternity and infinity - so the two sides need to come together in love and only then will their true power come to life. This is the POWER of the alpha structure.

The potential negatives here are strong as the 8 is normally very into power and gaining ground in this earth plane. As such, there is a certain level of arrogance and rigidity in this kind of 8 - who can become quite obtuse, stubborn, superior, condescending, judgemental and all manner of cold - unfortunately, most often toward his own family and loved ones, not to mention toward those who work for him.

Also unfortunately, this kind of 8 will climb the ladder to success, but will also, at some point, lose his balance and come crashing down and the length of his fall will equal or surpass the height of his ladder, which will then place him 'down' among those he dismissed. Fittingly, the rule of 'as above, so below' is particular to the 8 and until someone with this power number understands that he is also human and subject to failure, he will continue to fall.

F -- Meaning: Like the P, the F concerns the mouth, brain or both and although it is a 'fixed' symbol (it is missing its 'legs', or lower extension), its energy is also forward moving and free-flowing. As such, its brain is always working - it considers new approaches etc, but can be hesitant to pursue them but will not hesitate to speak about them: highly intellectual, the F does tend to speak rather than act, which gifts this letter energy with a sharp and snappy tongue: the F person will manifest as an intelligent, funny, talkative, studious, reliable and stable energy who would make a Fine Father Figure - one who would Facilitate Family Fortunes with a Firm and Fair hand. And no one ever swears, so I can't even mention that other word.

P -- Meaning: This letter energy is centered in the head or brain as the enclosed upper bubble suggests: it is always thinking and rarely speaking. The P person will appear quieter than normal or will speak without revealing too much information about themselves or what they are feeling/thinking.

In control and usually in positions of power, these folks mask their inner 'stuff' and are good leaders, goal-oriented and focused. When the P builds up too much internal pressure, it becomes pensive and potent: explosions are possible from time to time.

Words that point to the essence of the thoughtful P include Philosophy, Psychic and Ponder. And Psychotic -- a chart that overflows with P energy can become so filled with fleeting and flickering thoughts that it can literally drive itself crazy.



KEYWORDS: Sensitive, Intuitive, Imaginative, Forgiving, Compassionate, Loving, Artistic, Musical, Dramatic, Thoughtful, Mysterious, Engaging, Hypnotic, Spiritual, Open, Non-judgemental, Helpful, Soft, Defensive, Private, Hidden, Tentative. This is the SPIRITUAL TRUTH of the alpha structure.

Potential Negatives for those with a Whole Name Number (the total of a name, especially the first or Daily Name, which is the total of the first and last names) of 9: Submissive, Listless, Addictive, Frustrated, Angry, Distant, Impulsive, Non-committal.

There are no letters assigned to this number in Chaldean numerology (for a variety of reasons, some having to do with the number system of the time and others having more to do with respect for this high-power, top-of-the-line energy), but it still can be reached as a Whole name number...like mine, Heather, which totals to 27/9. So here are a few of the meanings attached to this number.

Since it does sit at the upper end of the scale, 9 energies are very open to their senses, thus making them fantastic intuitives, empaths and even psychics. This latent ability can also lead to the need to escape this reality which would take the form of addictions of any kind - from depression to alcohol to drugs to promiscuous sex...addictions come in as many forms as the problems that usually inspire them.

On a more mundane level, these are talented folk -- some form or another of creative expression is almost necessary...through drama, painting, writing...the list is endless. This is the number of Jesus Christ *triple 9* and as such, portrays a sensitive, loyal, trusting, romantic and sometimes, tragic figure.

The 9 usually has a history of mistreatment somewhere in their lives and if this is not dealt with, a 9 can easily withdraw into their mind and become attached, as mentioned, to any avenue that offers escape. The escape hatch is what these types of 9 energies are looking for...and given enough time and enough solitude, they will likely find the rabbit hole they seek.

On the other hand, a developed 9 will be intuitive and artistic and will find a way to blend the two in their work. They are gentle, sympathetic souls who will go out of their way to avoid hurting others...these are the people you will find rescuing the biggest spider you've ever seen from the bathtub...like the V, the 9 holds all life sacred: if the 9 was not so sensitive, they would make excellent doctors or vets.

This type of vibration often makes for good spiritual or even more traditional positions of  leadership in that they have the capacity to hear all and take all into consideration before taking action: they are fair and wise in their decisions.  




Prior to the 'letters' we use today, our ancestors (among other systems like Greek) used a simple straight line with a triangular tip to communicate in writing - these 'sticks' could be moved around to form 'pictographs' and is called 'Cuneiform'.

The original 'alphabet' - Cuneiform

The Alphabet is like a giant family: each letter stands for something specific, so it is as though each has its own 'character', one might say, as does each number, with meanings that go beyond mathematics: science blends with the esoteric.

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'We are all perfectly intended'

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